Turkey’s leading defense industry company, ASELSAN was established with the aim of meeting the communication device needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in 1975. The company is known for original development of critical technological capabilities with its own engineer staff, implementing state-of-the-art technologies and regularly investing in sustainable R&D.

Currently, ASELSAN has five main business sectors, providing design, production, test, modernization/integration and after sales support. These are; Communication & Information Technologies, Defense Systems Technologies, Radar & Electronic Warfare Systems, Microelectronics, Guidance & Electro-Optics, Transportation, Security, Energy & Automation Systems.  

ASELSAN is the technology center in the fields of design, development, production, system integration, modernization and after sales services of the  Military and Civil Communication Systems, Avionic Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems and Systems of Intelligence, Radar Systems, Air Defense Systems, Integrated Weapon Systems,  Command-Control-Communication-Computer-Intelligence Systems, Navigation and Guidance Systems, Homeland Security Systems, Traffic Systems, Naval Systems, Electro-Optic Systems and Products. 

ASELSAN makes production based on the advanced technology with more than 5.000 personnel in three facilities; 110.000 m² closed area in Macunköy, 54.500 m² closed area in Akyurt and 76.000 m² closed area in Gölbaşı.  The company has 7 technopark branches and 6 R&D centers.

While ranking 20th  in 2017 according to Istanbul Chamber of Industry-Top 500 List, ASELSAN ranked 15th  in 2018.

ASELSAN, being the 68th  biggest exporter of Turkey in 2017 according to Turkish Exporter Assembley List, ranked 108 in 2018.


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TAI is Turkey’s technology center in the fields of design, development, modernization, production, integration and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems, from fixed and rotary wing air platforms to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems and space systems. The company is also among the global actors in the aerospace industry. The company was established on 15 May 1984.  

The modern aircraft production facility of the company which is located on a 5.000.000 m² area of which 275.000 m² is closed, has been equipped with high technology machines and equipment and has a wide production capabilities from the aerostructure production to the flight test and delivery. Besides, the integrated logistics support services are provided with regard to all products designed and produced by TAI.

The company has 5 technopark branches and 1 R&D Center and also its total personnel number is over 6.000. 

While ranking 28th in 2017 according to Istanbul Chamber of Industry-Top 500 List, TUSAŞ ranked 22th in 2018.

TUSAŞ, being the 22th biggest exporter of Turkey in 2017 according to Turkish Exporter Assembley List,  ranked 25 in 2018.


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ROKETSAN was established in 1988 by the resolution of the Defense Industries Executive Committee with the aim of possessing a leading institution in Turkey for designing, developing and manufacturing rockets and missiles and its first production project was the manufacture of launcher and flight motors of the missile within the European Stinger Joint Project.

The company produces all kind of rockets, missiles, guided munitions and their launching, propulsion, guidance and control systems, rocket fuels and also the algorithms and software related to these systems, warheads and other components of these systems, all kind of fuse and ballistic protection (armor) systems, makes their integration in all kind of land, aerial and naval platforms, provides maintenance, repair and logistics support services, produces satellite launching systems and also carries out the activities.  

ROKETSAN renders its services on a totally 5,7 billion m² area of which 128.000 m² is closed. The company has 1 technopark branches and 3 R&D Centers and also its personnel number is over 2.400.

While ranking 75th in 2017 according to Istanbul Chamber of Industry-Top 500 List, ROKETSAN ranked 85th  in 2018.

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Kemalpaşa Mahallesi Şehit Yüzbaşı Adem Kutlu Sokak No:21, 06780, Elmadağ-Ankara/Türkiye
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HAVELSAN, established in 1982 and starting its activities in Ankara as 100% Turkish Company in 1985, is an information technologies and system company, developing solutions in defense, security, information and energy fields.  

HAVELSAN develops the mission-critic and safety-critic systems for the military, public, private sector customers at home and abroad and indigenous solutions. The company develops the value-added and global Command, Control, Computer, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Systems, Air and Defense Systems, Naval Combat Management Systems, Simulator and Training Systems, Aerial Command, Control and Management Information Systems, Cyber Security Systems, Energy Management Systems and also provides operation, maintenance and repair services.  

HAVELSAN, which operates successfully for realizing the future’s technologies in its strategies and technologic fields, has 4 R&D Centers and also its personnel number is over 1,800.  

While ranking 273th  in 2017 according to Istanbul Chamber of Industry-Top 500 List, HAVELSAN ranked 153th  in 2018.

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Having established in Balıkesir in 1977 under the partnership of the workers employed abroad and whose name was inspired by “workers union”, İŞBİR commences its operations to develop and produce products for the defense industy, energy and power system markets and also provides related services.

İŞBİR, having 12.000 m² closed area and 20.000 m² open area, has representative offices in Ankara and Istanbul. The company opened its first R&D center in 2017. İSBİR has big competent facilities for producing alternators and generators in terms of production capabilities and production volume in our country. The company has more than 100 personnel. The company has 1 R&D center.

İŞBİR, combining its experience with today’s technology, involves in design, development, production, test and qualification process of Alternators, Generators, Convectors, Generating Sets and Distribution Panels.  

İŞBİR, producing tailored diesel generating sets in all types and models up to 2000 kVA for its customers, offers definitive solutions to energy needs. The generators are designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers.  

İŞBİR, which has an important role in Turkish Defense Industry since its establishment with its quality and experience, supports public and private sector services and represents our country with proud at home and abroad with the motto of “Continues Cooperation with Life” in every points of life and everywhere the quality and human life are important.

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ASPİLSAN, established with the donations made by the people of Kayseri in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1981 in order to meet the military battery need of the Turkish Armed Forces, has increased its product range, which was 4 types at the beginning, to over 100 in time.

ASPİLSAN has a reputable position in design, production and life cycle production of the Ni-Cd aircraft batteries and rechargeable portable batteries and their charging devices which the Turkish Armed Forces, public institutions and organizations, industrial consumers and civil market need. Besides, the production for the renewable energy, energy storage systems and electric/hybrid vehicles and batteries was included in its scope through the amendments made to the Articles of Association in 2016.  

ASPİLSAN-branded products can be listed as follows; all kind of portable Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Alkali, Lithium Battery Blocks, Nickel-Cadmium Aircraft Battery Cells and Complete Aircraft Battery, Industrial Battery Blocks, Battery Charging Devices, Laboratory Test and Control Systems.  

ASPİLSAN employs 60 people in its facilities. The company continues its activities on a 15.300 m2 in total area of which 2.830 m² is closed, located in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. It has 1 R&D Center and 2 Technopark branches.

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