Turkey’s First Industrial Organization to Receive the “Zero Waste Certificate”

Turkish Aerospace, Turkey’s aviation and aerospace leading company which has been carrying out breaking-ground  projects, became the first industrial organization to receive the “Zero Waste Certificate”.

Pilot projects related to waste sorting and recycling have been awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning as a part of “Zero Waste Project”. Turkish Aerospace have become the first industrial company to receive the “Zero Waste Certificate” by recycling %99 of its waste.

Turkish Aerospace has continued to carry out lots of action plans as a part of waste sorting and recycling ecosystem within “Zero Waste” activities particularly at Kahramankazan Facilities, all domestic and overseas offices. Waste water treatment facilities, industrial waste pretreatment facility, packing  hazardous waste and dormant scraps away to send licenced separation stations  makes significant contribution to “Zero Waste Project”. Turkish Aerospace that carried out about 7000 hours employee training in 2019, has been maintaining employee’s environment consciousness and zero waste awareness

Turkish Aerospace CEO Prof. Temel Kotil mentioned the company’s energy efficiency and zero waste. He stated that “I’d like to express how proud I am to be to receive the Zero Waste Certificate. Turkish Aerospace gives great importance to waste recycling. In this context, we are also minimizing waste and preventing environment pollution with following the continuous improvement principals to other social factors alongside environmental effects and due process of law. “In 2019, Turkish Aerospace prevented to cut 10.386 trees and 380.607 kg. carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent greenhouse gas emission with recycling  2,847 Tons of metal, 611 tons of paper, 44 tons of plastic, and saved 4.6 Million Kwh Energy.”