President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN opened ROKETSAN’s Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Raw Material Production Facility.

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN opened ROKETSAN’s Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Raw Material Production Facility. 

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN attended ROKETSAN’s Satellite Launch, Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and the Explosive Raw Material Production Facility Opening Ceremony. During the ceremony, President first signed the honor book. Afterwards, President ERDOĞAN participated in a briefing consisting of company’s ongoing projects.

Vice President Fuat OKTAY, Minister of Defense Hulusi AKAR, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK, President of Defense Industry Prof.Dr. İsmail DEMİR, Chief of General Staff Yaşar GÜLER, Forces’ Commanders and Deputy General Manager of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF) Sadık PİYADE, accompanied President ERDOĞAN during the ceremony held at the ROKETSAN’s Lalahan Facility. 

President ERDOĞAN started his speech at the ceremony by congratulating ROKETSAN’s employees and the whole nation’s Victory Day, 30th of August.

President ERDOĞAN, who gratefully commemorated Gazi Mustafa Kemal, founder of Turkish Republic, the Commander-in-Chief of Great Offensive, and his heroic comrades in arms and wished God's mercy to the martyrs, said: 

"30th of August is the clearest proof of what a nation who left with the choice of either independence or disappearance can afford for its independence and honor. 98 years ago, despite all kinds of poverty and impossibility, we celebrate this victory, won with the epic struggles of our martyrs and their blessed blood”.

Just as we protect Malazgirt Victory, which opened the doors of Anatolia to our nation, we look after the Great Victory, which made this land our eternal home, with the same excitement. As much as Malazgirt Victory is ours, Conquest of İstanbul, Çanakkale, Dumlupınar and Sakarya Victories are ours.

These victories are all seals showing that we hit this land with the blessed blood of our martyrs. Our more than 2.200 years of history, symbolized in our presidential flag, is our greatest source of pride and trust, especially Seljuk and Ottoman history.

"Turkish Defense Industry Was Condemned Abroad At First"

President ERDOĞAN expressed his great happiness to celebrate the 98th anniversary of Great Victory in such a meaningful program in which we realize the level of our defense industry. He wished ROKETSAN’s Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Raw Material Production Facilities will be beneficial to the country and to the nation.

Saying, "Victories are celebrated with these works, not with just words. If you have a determination to win, you will build these works," said President ERDOĞAN, mentioning that they are not satisfied with these works yet, and that accomplishing much better works will better suit them. Emphasizing that they will also accomplish these works, President ERDOĞAN congratulated all institutions and ROKETSAN’s administration for their efforts in bringing these facilities into service, on behalf of the Turkish nation.

"We Have Reduced the External Dependency of Our Country's Defense Industry from 70 Percent to 30 Percent Level"

For the past 18 years, they have been struggling to compensate the losses and to take Turkish Defense Industry to the peak said President ERDOĞAN, and mentioned that 

"We have raised our defense industry which was nearly paralyzed back on its feet. Gainning inspiration from our glaorious heritage of our ancestors, we have reduced the foreign dependence of our defense industry from the levels of 30 percent to the levels of 70 percent.  

Pointing out that they attach importance to indigenous policy, President ERDOĞAN said: 

"We have always raised our localization rate with the policy of not purchasing any products that we can manufacture with our own means. In 2002, there were 62 ongoing defense projects wereas today this number reached 700.

In the last five years alone, we started around 350 new projects. While total budget of defense projects was 5.5 billion dollars in 2002, today we have reached a project volume of 60 billion dollars. Again, in this period, the number of companies operating in the industry increased from 56 to 1500. The turnover of the sector, which was 1 billion dollars in 2002, reached 11 billion dollars in 2019.

Defense aviation exports, which were 248 million dollars in 2002, exceeded 3 billion dollars as of 2019. There are seven Turkish companies on the list of the Top 100 Defense Companies in the world. We are among the 10 countries that not only meet their needs in land and naval vehicles, but also design, build and maintain their own warships.”

"Defense Industry Is a Sector That Does Not Accept Inertia and Requires Continuous and High-Temple Work"

Emphasizing that the share, voice and power of Turkish Defense Industry companies in the world market are increasing day by day, President ERDOĞAN shared the information that 

"We are now among the top three or four countries in the world in the production of UAVs, SiAVs and UAVs".

Pointing out that the most difficult cross-border operations are carried out one by one without permission from anywhere, President ERDOĞAN said, 

"We have voided the terror corridor that was intended to be established along our southern border with the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, Peace Spring operations.

We have not only eliminated Daesh trouble from our borders, we also have stricken the greatest blow to this organization. We did not let the separatist terrorist organization operate both within our borders and in Iraq and Syria. Wherever they hide, we will find and destroy these terrorists in their dens." 

Stating that they are resolutely defending rights and law throughout the region from Syria to Iraq, from Libya to the Eastern Mediterranean, President ERDOĞAN continued his speech as follows:

"While we are taking all these steps, we do not forget the following fact: 'Making our success sustainable always depends on raising the bar constantly.' The defense industry is a sector that does not accept inertia and requires continuous and high-tempo work.

Defense Industry Presidency, its stakeholders and defense industry organizations have very important duties. We do not tolerate the lack of cooperation and coordination in the field of defense industry. In particular, we never supply from abroad the products that we can produce at home.

Our first priority should be to use the limited resources we have to develop and strengthen our own defense industry. I expect the utmost sensitivity from our industry. I believe that by working in cooperation and coordination, you will carry our country to the league of giants in the defense industry."

"We Will Include Atmaca in the Inventory of Our Turkish Armed Forces by the End of the Year"

Reminding that with the weapons and ammunition it produced, ROKETSAN was one of the biggest supporters of the army was founded by late President Turgut ÖZAL in 1988. President ERDOĞAN said, 

"Today, ROKETSAN successfully developes Bora, Khan, Atmaca, Cirit, Umtas, Omtas, L-Umtas missiles and Mam-L and Mam-C smart ammunitions all of which are the striking power of our UAVs. Air defense projects such as Sungur, Hisar and Siper are also among the ongoing successful projects of the company. 

“The company continues to work on heavy-class torpedoe and submarine defense warfare rocket and equips our Altay and Leopard 2A4 tanks with armor systems."

With respect to Atmaca President ERDOĞAN mentioned that it is the first domestically produced maritime missile with the range of over 200 kilometers, Atmaca flies just a few meters above the sea level and enemy radars cannot detect it.  When launched from upon a specific target, Atmaca can destroy its target even if that moves. Atmaca, with its specifications, has made our country one of the five countries that can produce anti-ship missiles. We will add Atmaca, a very precious product for us, to the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces by the end of the year. It is a big proud to see that many countries are interested in buying the missile. 

After watching the video of Atmaca maritime missille produced by ROKETSAN, President ERDOĞAN thanked the staff. 

This Satellite Will Enable Turkish Armed Forces To Get Information And Coordinate Instantaneously.

At the inauguration ceremony of satellite and launch center, President ERDOĞAN also pointed out to the importance of the micro satellite project and its critical role.

President ERDOĞAN stated that the project should be finished before the determined date, which is 2025, and emphasized that 

“This project will enable Turkey to place microsatellites weighing 100 kilograms or less into low earth orbit with an altitude of at least 400 kilometers. Turkey will have the infrastructure to test, produce and launch satellites and gain the capability to establish bases. Only a fewcountries have this infrastructure in the world. After settling into orbit, this satellite will send secure and safe information to us during peace and war to ease the mission of Turkish soldier”. 

The capabilities that we will gain with the development of this satellite are going to serve the goals of the National Space Program prepared by The Space Technologies Research Institute. We completed the testing stages successfully. The first Turkish manufacture satellite has reached 130 kilometers and overcome 100 kilometers limit. Consequently, Turkey is in the space league with domestic and national technologies.     

Our Soldiers at the Front Will Be Stronger 

After watching video of the rocket system, President ERDOĞAN added 

“We will send the rocket by using solid fuel and from now on we will go to the stage of testing with both solid and fluid fuel. I want to give a good news here that we will begin the first space trials of nationally developed liquid fuel rocket engine technology. We are set to begin the first space trials of our domestically liquid propellant rocket engine technology. We also continue our efforts to develop hybrid fuel rocket systems. As a clean energy source used in space applications, in transportation and in aviation, high capacity hydrogen cell technology was also developed within this center. The GPS receiver, which is the navigation system that is used in precision guided munitions and weapon systems was also produced domestically for the first time. At this center, we are working on the future technologies such as miniature weapons, hypersonic systems and directed energy weapons with laser and electromagnetic technology”.               

At the inauguration ceremony of the explosive raw material production center located at Elmadağ, President ERDOĞAN also mentioned that 

“The total size of the projects of the center exceeds 9 billlion liras. We willl manufacture explosive raw materials by using national technologies as much as possible. By gainning this new capability we will reduce external dependancy that is important for missile, warhead explosives and armour systems. We are working on the new technologies for missile capabilites to strenghten our forces at the front. Laser guided head was integrated with TRG-230 missile system and it is being called as TRLG 230. TRLG 230 was developed with the aim of easily hitting the targets with armed UAV and UAV. Bayraktar TB2, the armed UAV system of Bayraktar hit the targets with laser guided 230 missile with its laser marking. This new development will make our soldiers at the front more powerful.”   

After watchinng the video, President ERDOĞAN stated that 

“Fortunately Turkey moves to an upper league in the defense industry thanks to these high technological projects. I congratulate the Ministry leading the industry and ROKETSAN the leader company of rocket and missile systems from the depth of the seas to the heights of the sky.  I also thank to all security staff, soldiers and police on duty within the country and outside the country.”