National Weapon, Strong Defence

First part of ASELSAN Konya Silah Sistemleri was established in Konya with ceremony. The foundaiton of the factory wil be an important step in reducing external dependancy in the defense industry and ensuring regional development by developing modern national, indigenous products at Turkish defence industry. By bringing together R&D culture of ASELSAN and defence capabilites of the firms located at Konya, an investment was realized  to capture more market share not only at domestic market, but also at international markets.

Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. has 24 partners from Konya. With a patnership of ASELSAN and Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş., an innovator factory is being founded to develop weapon systems. Factory is next to Konya Airport and has 300.000 m² area. ASELSAN is %51 shareholder and Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. is %49 shareholder of Konya Silah Sistemleri A.Ş. 65 million dollar Investment will ensure remote controlled weapon ON systems to be produced at the domestic industry

Speaking at the factory’s first stage groundbreaking ceremnoy in Konya, Defence Industry Vice President Mustafa Murat ŞEKER stated that Turkish Defence Industry Turkey has made big success for the last 15 years and producing original    

competitive products and exporting international markets.  We emphasize on focusing on human resources by paying attention to human reseources and training to sustain this success

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof.Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN stated that the weapon systems and original products put into service by ASELSAN are being used at international  markets. Our country is trying to develop independent, highly critical and important indigenous and national systems, subsystems, components and materials. This strategic investment will lead to a regional development by reducing foreign dependency.

This factory located in Konya will contribute an increase at innovation, design integration activities. This factory is the first spin off company of Turkey. Thanks for everyone who helped.

President of Board of Directors of Konya Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. İbrahim KOYUNCU stated that Konya was the capital for this region approximately 200 years. Now, this city is the witness of an important day in Turkish Defence Industry history. The cooperation between ASELSAN and Konya Industry will help an increase at export level of Turkish defence industry. We aim to rank in first 50 biggest exporters of Turkey shortly.

Haluk GORGUN, Chairman of ASELSAN stated that as one of the leader at remote controlled weapon companies industry in the World, the remote controlled weapons produced by ASELSAN are being used in Turkish Armed Forces and National Police, as well as at 18 different countries. 

In Turkey and abroad, more than 30 different platforms effectively use more than 3000 remote controlled weapon systems that are being produced by ASELSAN. These platforms include fielded naval and ground platforms, armored vehicles, tanks, howitzers, landing ships, fast boats, frigates, patrol crafts and more. These systems provide exceptional capabilities against counter asymmetric threats by using machine guns, 40mm automatic bomb systems, anti tank missiles, night and day surveillance units and stabilization. They are well suited for naval ships and fast boats.   

Some machine guns and automatic bomb systems are being imported due to lack of alternatives. Importing these systems results in high costs and long procurement time.  Another disadvantage of importing is facing embargo that may lead to export problems in the future. Talent and information are available in ASELSAN and its’ affiliates to produce 13 different caliber weapons that are used at remote controlled weapon systems. This will reduce foreign dependency and provide competitive fast solutions.   

Supports from different institutions, concerns of investors, good infrastructure, defence sector expertise of the companies located in Konya, the universities of Konya city, technology development regions, big and large shooting lands enabled ASELSAN to choose Konya for that factory location.