Interview with Prof.Dr. Oğuz BORAT, Chairman of the Board of TAI

1. Could you please give information about the activities of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)?

By making exportation to the biggest defense and aviation companies of the world, we generate a little more than $ 500 million-income from the works conducted for  Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin. The largest share in our country’s defense and aviation sector exportation belongs to the “aerospace” products; we mainly meet the needs of this sector with our studies. Turkish Aerospace Industry is the holder of title “exportation leader” according to the evaluations made by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) since 2011. We aim to play an important role in Turkey's goal of reaching $500 billion of exports with our today’s $1billion of turnover and also $10billion of turnover stipulated within 10 years.

2. What are your views about the role of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation in the National Defense Industry?

The Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, which has realized strategical investments in the national defense industry since its establishment, has made an important contribution to meeting the Turkish Armed Forces’ defense and system needs.  Its role in the national defense industry has created an undeniable power together with the presence of the important companies of our defense industry especially the valuable donators who donate devotedly by considering our country’s interests. It is proud to see that the spiritual bridge bond established between the Turkish Nation and the Turkish Armed Forces continues and also we are always ready to conduct the necessary studies to strengthen and support this bond.  

3. What are your reviews about IDEF International Defense Industry Fair?  

The International Defense Industry Fair, where the Turkish Defense Industry products exhibit, is undoubtedly an important fair of our country's defense industry in the defense, security, maritime, aviation and space industries. I believe that it is important to prove the advances in the fast moving technology, to develop national and international cooperation and most importantly to display our original products in such big arenas.

4. Could you please give information about your company’s R&D works?

Our company has 4 R&D centers in order to perform our works. Our purpose of establishing branches in our R&D centers is to use the universities, manpower potential and also the technologic powers in our company’s original projects.  

Hundreds of engineers graduated from the Departments of Aircraft and Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Control Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Engineering, work in our technopark branches. Thanks to our R&D works, we develop and realize our future projects. We improve ourselves and also our products by investing in this field more each year.