ASPİLSAN Energy Chairman of the Board Assoc.Prof.Dr. İsmail Hakkı DOĞANKAYA

1. Could you give information about ASPİLSAN Energy?

ASPİLSAN Energy, which was established in 1981 to meet the battery and battery need of our country with the donations and efforts of the philanthropists of Kayseri, is one of the important actors of the Turkish defense sector, supporting the domestic and national production attack.

ASPİLSAN Energy, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation; it continues its activities in the field of battery systems, chargers, Ni-Cd aircraft batteries, energy storage systems, electric vehicle batteries, electronic cards. More than 300 batteries, more than 30 aircraft batteries, and 20 chargers constitute ASPİLSAN's product range. It is a company that continues its activities with the support of three separate R&D centers in Kayseri, Istanbul and Ankara.

ASPİLSAN Energy is a serious player not only in the defense industry but also in the private sector, especially with the work which has done in the last 5 years. It develops and produces goods in cooperation with companies known in different fields such as automotive, civil aviation, medical and robotic systems.

Aspilsan is making a new investment in order to significantly increase the domestic and national rate of products and reduce imports by producing Lithium-Ion batteries, which are the most basic components for products, in our country. By producing Lithium-Ion batteries in our country, it is an investment that will significantly increase the indigenousness rate of both their own products and manufacturers using cells and batteries, and will support the domestic defense industry more effectively. In this regard, like its mission in 1981, ASPİLSAN Energy establishes a facility that will reduce our country's external dependency and provide these solutions locally and nationally. The most important skill to be gained with this investment is not only the ability to produce but also the ability to design and develop. In this way, not only batteries will be produced, but also capabilities that will improve battery technology will be acquired.

The facility to be established on a total closed area of almost 25.000 m2 will be housing battery production, battery packaging, R&D Center, and administrative facilities. The first products to be manufactured in the battery production section will be in NMC-Graphite chemistry, with the size of 18650 and 21700, which are cylindrical types.

2. What are your opinions on the role of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation in the National Defense Industry?

Our country has recently come to an important place in domestic and national products, especially in the defense industry. In this process, the importance and role of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation is indisputably great. This foundation has made many strategic investments in the field of national defense industry until today, and has led to the existence of considerable companies that have expertise both in our country and in the world through these investments. The foundation whose establishment purpose was determined as "to provide material and moral support of our nation in order to contribute to the increase of the war power of the Turkish Armed Forces through the development of our national war industry, the establishment of new war industry branches, the purchase of war weapons, tools and equipment". The Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, together with its Subsidiaries, continuously carries the Turkish Defense Industry forward with great acceleration.

ASPİLSAN Energy, a subsidiary of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, makes significant contributions to this. ASPİLSAN Energy produces domestically and nationally the batteries of defense systems that meet the energy needs of the defense systems. It makes a serious contribution to the local production and maintenance of war weapons and vehicles. All of the possible materials used in production are supplied from our local producers. In case local ready-made products are not available, efforts are made to localize the product by working with local producers who are believed to be able to do it. With the active support of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, ASPİLSAN Energy strives to support the role of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation in the National Defense Industry in a determined and effective manner.

3. Your opinions about IDEF International Defense Industry Fair?

IDEF has a special importance for ASPILSAN Energy, which is in its growth process, to meet the world's largest international defense industry companies at this fair, to learn about today's technological products and developments, and to develop potential cooperation and multi-faceted integrations. IDEF is one of the world's leading defense industry fairs. The fair has reached a difficult place in the field with more and more participation every year. It provides a good basis for companies participating with visitors from all over the world. In addition to these companies, all kinds of manufacturers, especially SMEs operating in our country, offer their products to the market, meet with OEMs, and also IDEF creates a unique opportunity for both national and international cooperations. As ASPİLSAN Energy, we have the opportunity to communicate with members of the armed forces and companies in this fair. In this way, we find the opportunity to understand their demands and desires, and to develop products for them. In addition, we are making the necessary negotiations for export. Considering the geopolitics advantages of our country, we, as Aspilsan Energy, consider that the IDEF is a very important platform in many aspects.

4. Could you give information about the R&D studies you have done in your company?

ASPİLSAN Energy has recently grown rapidly with the financial and moral support of TSKGV and VBOs and gained new capabilities with investments in R&D infrastructure and machinery. It aims to lead in energy storage materials, electrochemistry, machinery, electricity, electronics and software technologies. ASPİLSAN Energy has 3 R&D centers established in this direction. Studies on electrical, mechanical, software and material designs are carried out in these R&D centers.

In our R&D Center, which is under the same roof with the company headquarters and production facility in Kayseri, mainly electronic, software and mechanical design studies are carried out. Battery management systems, battery packs in various chemistries, chargers and power electronics based system designs are being developed.

Ankara Design Product Development and Innovation Center Directorate was established in Ankara METU Technopolis campus to carry out electrochemistry and material studies, which are at the core and center of energy technologies. In this context, cathode, anode materials and electrolyte solutions, which are the basic components of battery cells, are carrying out current and new generation battery synthesis studies using chemical techniques.

Studies are carried out on Marine Platform Batteries, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in Istanbul R&D Center. Istanbul R&D Center's primary mission catalyst powder, membrane, membrane electrode assembly (MEA), a gas diffusion layer (GDL), the fuel cells critical fuel cell components such as bipolar plates is to make entirely domestic and national production. Within this mission, it continues its activities with competent R&D personnel.