Türkan – Haluk SARUHAN

I’m Former Lieutenant Haluk SARUHAN, I was born in Tire, Izmir in 1931. I served in the Turkish Naval Forces for 28 years and then retired in 1971. During my duty, I have worked at various warships and submarines and received letters of recommendations for excellence.

After I retired, me and my wife, Türkan wanted to donate our house to the institution where I have served for years and let us have a house.

While we were a donator to Naval Forces Foundation in 1979, with the merge of foundations in 1987, we have become a donator to TAFF. First we had granted the bare ownership, and then we turned our decision to full ownership. We are both really happy for our donation. House belongs to both of us, we hope the God will accept our donation and we can pass away in peace.

As a former member of military, I’m following the national ship and helicopter projects with pride from the press.

The only thing I wish from God is that our army can always be successful and glorious, and also our Foundation