Ahmet DAYI

After the Cyprus Peace Operation, Turkey was told that an embargo would be imposed. NATO and the US imposed embargo the Turkish Armed Forces and did not allow to use their weapons. This made us very sad. One day two people came from the embassy in Germany. They said they were officers. “We can not find the tires to fly our planes. We can only buy the pieces from the black market. They said “We have greetings of pashas and we expect your help.” They expected my help for the Stuttgart region. They gave us the account number and asked us to send it to the Air Force in Ankara. We went to a town in Stuttgart. There was a Mercedes factory here. It was told that it employed thousands of workers. On a Saturday we had a meeting at the large meeting room of the factory. The Turkish Islamic Societies talked and it was very exciting. We asked for help. We collected a lot more money than we expected and sent it to Ankara. The same happened at the Volkswagen factory in Cologne. Bosniak women welcomed us very cordially. They were over 200 people. They paid about 50 Marks per person and they made us very emotional. The poor Palestinians worked for a very little money. They insisted on making donations. We went to many towns and villages. We raised over 30,000 Marks. Then we went everywhere. We were competing with each other. We were one, we reached a thousand. Be pleased with Allah. May the deceased rest in peace. I was congratulated by Air Force Commander Full General Muhsin Batur. He insisted me to come to Ankara when came to Turkey. I longed to but I had to have surgery about the wound I had in Korea, so, I did not go. He has passed away. May ALLAH rest his soul. May he rest in peace….